Beers and Wines
A wide choice of beers, from different countries, bottled or brewed, make our list very interesting. We offer many craft beers and we present all their characteristics in our menus: very well know italian brand such as Menabrea, together with special products such as Barley, Pasturana, Montegioco and Monastero di San Biagio ones.
Besides many more craft beers from France, Belgium, Holland, England or United States make our list complete both from a quantitive and qualitative point of view.
Piedmont's wines and pizza, at first sight a difficult coupling: DA PIETRINO Pizzeria invites its guests to enjoy a glass of red or white wine also with this popular dish. We suggest accompanying pizza with Piedmont's wines, but nothing prevents from using other Italian region products. Piedmont's red wines, for structure and body, can accompany elaborated pizzas, reminding our region strong tastes and scents, such as mushrooms and truffles.
Gavi white wine, dry with a balanced flavour, is a classic wine of our region: fresh and easily enjoyable can be drunk with classic pizzas, but with most simple and original ones as well.