the Setting
During its 35 years' activity, DA PIETRINO Pizzeria has deeply changed its way of being and its pizza, formerly juxtaposed to the bar and the cafeteria, while today it represents the main draw. Pallavicini family has therefore decided to put all its chips on pizza, obtaining great results under every point of view.

Our pizza menu is no doubt among the most complete the market offers. We go from classic pizzas, according to Naples tradition, to more modern and innovative pizzas where custom mingles with our chefs' interpretations. Since time began, we are relentlessly looking for quality and fantasy and we are therefore able to meet all tastes as far as pizza is concerned. The Pizzeria is totally air-conditioned; it has four different halls and a wide external dehor. All main credit cards are welcome.
horn room
internal room
internal room
wine side
the horn